Valve's Steam Link app is finally available for iOS


The Steam Link app has been available on Android for quite some time now but today, it finally became available on iOS. Or it may be required to let rival sellers of iOS apps into the App Store, creating competition that the company hasn't been faced with since the App Store's opening.

Ugh. How is a court supposed to divine how much a developer would have charged for an app had it been able to sell it on marketplaces other than the App Store? Nearly every app developer makes its apps available on multiple platforms, especially iOS and Android. Whereas, the updated Apple Books app will include an updated progress tracker and a new rewards system.

Streaming is probably not high up in Valve's priorities right now, focused as they are on overhauling Steam for both gamers and developers, likely gearing up for the competition that has emerged previous year when Epic Games Store was announced and started securing exclusives.

In a worst-case scenario, following a future legal defeat, Apple would be forced to change its policies so that it earns less money on each App Store purchase.

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The updated Maps app will allow users to set frequent locations, and to quickly navigate them. The update is 464.3 MB on the iPhone X or 394 MB on a 10.5-inch iPad Pro, and you can obtain it in Settings General Software Update or install it through iTunes. There are also 18 security fixes, but again, Apple hasn't yet posted details.

"We are confident the App Store is not a monopoly by any metric". It sounds like legacy app integrations with services like Hulu and Amazon Prime Video, which require having those apps separately installed, are not going to be supported on Samsung TVs - nor, undoubtedly, any other third-party hosts of the TV app. That's why this suit isn't about competition, which already exists in the app marketplace, but rather it is simply about money. They have an extensive approval process for their store and Apple takes 30% of all money made on app purchases (including in-app purchases). Less hopping in and out of the app, the company believes, will make the experience more immersive.

But that's really a problem for consumers who might want to sue Apple, not for the folks in black robes.