Pokemon Rumble Rush is headed to iOS and Android for on-the-go battling


The game is a mobile version of the Pokemon Rumble Series, which saw games for the 3DS and the Wii U. The series is basically Pokemon's version of a beat em up style game, where players fight with their Pokemon to gain in game currency and get new and more powerful Pokemon. If you forgot about the Pokeland game announced back in 2017, this is it now under another name.

Nintendo and the Pokemon Company have stealth released a brand new entry in the Pokemon Rumble series.

It's already available in Australia and will be available for download on Android and iOS platforms pronto. Take note that Rumble Rush is not related to the Pokemon mobile games teased by DeNA.

The game, which will be known as Pokemon Scramble SP in Japan, is created to be played with one hand. Rumble Rush will have live updates, and if you check the description from Play Store, you will see that it's stating that the islands and seas that you will explore will change every two weeks.

In a confusing state of affairs, the game is now available in Australia, but not the rest of the world.

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Kotaku reported that "Pokemon Rumble Rush" is a very simple "Pokemon" game.

From nowhere, The Pokemon Company has announced and released a new mobile game.

As expected, this is a free-to-play mobile game with in-app purchases. As for when the rest of the world will get to play the game, they have not given us a date yet but it should not be too long. Players can upgrade Pokemon by utilizing "power gears", or they can summon particularly powerful Pokemon like Charizard by using a "mobilize gear".

The tutorial has you playing as Rattata on an island infested with Bulbasaur. Once there, their "Pokemon" will make its way through the island, but will be blocked by enemy "Pokemon".