National Basketball Association draft lottery deep dive - Rankings, odds and intel


As they do every year, the popular Rights to Ricky Sanchez - a Sixers podcast - is hosting a Sixers draft lottery party at Xfinity Live in Philadelphia. That's where the NBA Draft Lottery will determine the fate of 14 teams that hope to hit on longshot odds to land the top pick.

Also of note, the Memphis Grizzlies pick may be conveyed to the Boston Celtics.

The difference between finishing with the worst record and the third-worst record has shrunk.

The Mavericks owe their pick to the Hawks if it falls outside the top five.

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For the 14 teams that failed to reach the playoffs in the 2018-19 season, the lottery will be a chance at landing a talented young prospect.

Generally, the chance to grab the ninth overall choice would be enticing. While that will likely prevent them from making a massive jump into the top-10 of the draft, there's still a few trades the Sacramento Kings could make. The Los Angeles Lakers failed in embarrassing fashion to acquire Davis before the trade deadline during the regular season, and they could try again as part of their quest to pair a second franchise player with LeBron James. They could still trade New Orleans the ninth overall pick this year, but it would not have the same value as a shiny, unknown future asset. They've fallen back on multiple occasions, perhaps most famously in 1992 when they entered the lottery with the best odds of landing the No. 1 pick but slipped to third - missing out on picking Shaquille O'Neal (No. 1) or Alonzo Mourning (No. 2) and instead getting Christian Laettner. This was done to discourage teams from losing intentionally to help their lottery odds, though it's unclear whether it helped on that front. See the NBA's draft lottery explainer for details. That's assumed to be Duke's Zion Williamson, a potential franchise-altering talent. The New York Knicks - who finished with the worst record this season - won the lottery that year and selected Patrick Ewing.

The Knicks are basically an empty slate from a roster perspective, though NY is being mentioned as a serious contender for Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.