Arthur teacher comes out in children's cartoon series


However, it isn't until the end of the episode that Arthur and his friends learn that Mr. Ratburn's special someone is another man.

"Arthur" was created by Boston PBS station WGBH and Cookie Jar Group, formerly known as Cinar.

This isn't the first time that Arthur has covered same sex unions on the show; in the 2005 spinoff show, Postcards from Buster, a lesbian couple in Vermont was featured during the episode "Sugartime!" They decide that marrying her will make Mr. Ratburn miserable, which will then make his students miserable, so they set off to nip the nuptials in the bud.

For anyone who missed it, Mr. Ratburn married his male partner on the most recent episode of #Arthur.

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After learning about the engagement, Arthur, Buster and the rest of the gang eventually come across Mr. Ratburn having lunch with his sister, who they think is the woman he's planning on marrying. The episode covers a topic that many children find relatable: Their teacher actually has a life outside of school.

The kids had anxious that Mr. Ratburn, whom they had overheard talking about floral arrangements, was engaged to a bossy stranger named Patty.

It seems Mr. Ratburn has finally found the ideal match in his professional chocolatier husband, Patrick - who should be able to cater generously to his cake-eating needs. However, there are plenty of people freaking out online because they just aren't feeling the idea of a gay character in a kid's TV show.