Amazon's Bezos unveils lunar lander project 'Blue Moon'


So to protect Earth, Amazon founder/CEO Jeff Bezos-who has a side gig as owner of space company Blue Origin-announced today that he wants to utilize the planet for what it does best: keeping humans alive.

The lander has been "years in development", according to the company's new project webpage, and can reportedly land "multiple metric tons" of payload onto the Moon's surface.

"This is an incredible vehicle", Bezos said, "and it's going to the moon". Blue also announced it can meet the current Administration's goal of putting Americans on the Moon by 2024 with the Blue Moon lunar lander.

Jeff Bezos, the billionaire founder of Amazon, stood on a blue-lit stage last night to unveil a delivery vehicle capable of shipping packages to addresses the US Postal Service can not reach. With Blue Moon and other moon transportation options, humans might have the ability to establish habitats in space.

During his presentation, which sounded at times more like a professorial lecture than a business plan, Bezos did not address a specific launch schedule for the lander or a specific mission for it.

At an invite-only press event in Washington, D.C., Bezos announced a massive vision for the future in which "Earth is zoned residential and light industry", with heavy industry and mining moving to space. The company has been developing the technology for three years, Bezos said.

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While Bezos is angling to become a leading player in space exploration and win business from the U.S. government, he has been the target of repeated criticism from President Donald Trump, who has referred to him as Jeff "Bozo". "We must return to the Moon - this time to stay".

New Glenn's first stage rocket has been created to be reused up to 25 times.

The media event announcing Blue Moon started with a video of the Apollo 11 Moon landing which occurred nearly 50 years ago.

A site near the south pole of the Moon was named after Shackleton - a crater with rims that are exposed to nearly continual sunlight. Having attended the launch of Space Shuttle Discovery on its final two missions, STS-131, and STS-133, he began to do more social networking on space and that developed into writing more in-depth articles.

The aim is for Blue Moon to land on the south pole of the Moon, where ice deposits have been found in craters.

Though less well-known that Elon Musk's SpaceX, Blue Origin shares similar goals-to build private-sector infrastructure to lower costs and increase access to space travel.