New Privacy Features From Google That’ll Change Your Daily Lives


The update brings a completely black Dark Theme which is also a system setting which apps can choose to respect. Speaking of the latter, users will be able to resume a podcast from where they felt off on another device. As soon as you start your vehicle, the app immediately switches to navigation mode with your favorite navigation app and resumes playback with the last music or podcast app used. For an app to have the ability to go into dark mode it will still need to be implemented by the app developer but Google have made that easier.

With its rising popularity, Google's Flutter team said in a blog post that its focus over the past year has been on broadening the platform's reach. This is meant to be used when you want to focus on getting things done without being constantly distracted by notifications.

The sharing menu has been a mess for a long time in Android with some OEMs performing their own implementation to varying levels of success.

Google will usher in a sleeker look for Android Auto this summer, the technology company announced on Monday.

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To protect user information, Android Q will limit access to device identifiers such as IMEI, serial number, and MAC address, and it will also randomise the device's MAC address when connected to different Wi-Fi networks by default.

"Flutter for the web is a great way to build highly interactive, graphically rich content, where the benefits of a sophisticated UI framework are keenly felt", Google explains, "It is not as a general goal replacement for the document experiences that HTML is optimized for".

Google's annual developer conference, I/O 2019, kicked off with big updates to its key services, ranging from Google Search, Assistant to Android. There are also some new navigation gestures and it looks like they've been stolen straight from the iPhone's UI. Since then, little has changed in the user interface. Today, Google is adding Linux and embedded to that list, too.

With the update, Android Auto is set to ditch its card-style user interface and instead adopt a new launcher with a more intuitive icon-based design, akin to the UI found in most Android smartphones these days.