Eta Aquarid meteor shower to peak this weekend


The best time to watch the spectacle will be about 3am or 4am (AEST) on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Amazingly, those who failed to see the well-known comet in the recent past will have an opportunity to see the trails of debris left behind.

She said there is no specific spot in Australia that will benefit from a better view from others but urged gazers to arrive early in a bid to avoid disappointment. But cloudy skies mean the chances to see the meteors is low.

"There's no moon tonight".

The American Meteor Society recommended to those interested to witness this show, get away from the city lights and drive to a "darker" place.

"As long as you're not standing there with a bunch of bright lights next to you", Dr. Tucker suggested.

Meteors associated with the Eta Aquarids will radiate from the southeast; however, meteors will be visible in all areas of the sky, not just near the radiant point.

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Specifically, these shooting stars arrive from a star near the top of the Aquarius constellation.

But don't look directly at the Lyra constellation, as it would make the meteors appear to have short tails.

We've been lucky with weird astronomical phenomena lately, from the blood moon lunar eclipse to the super blue blood moon.

"This shower happens to be one of, if not the best, showers in the Southern Hemisphere and is a moderate shower for the Northern Hemisphere", AccuWeather astronomy blogger Dave Samuhel said.

The shower will be visible in the north-eastern sky and there's no need for telescopes or fancy equipment.

After about 30 minutes your eyes should adapt to the dark and you will begin to see meteors. The last perihelion was in February 1986 and the next perihelion will be in 2061. This meteor shower is expected to move fast, at 42 miles per second.

When comparing the pair, however, May's showers are much more worth getting up in the middle of the night for.