Microsoft announces Internet Explorer mode for Edge to aid enterprise compatibility


The current, non-Chromium version of Edge will open Internet Explorer 11 in its own window for these websites.

Microsoft has announced new features that will be implemented in its Edge Chromium browser.

There is an IE icon in the address bar to show users that they are in IE mode in the new Edge internet browser. Do you think you'll use it over Safari, or Chrome? There are three levels of privacy: unrestricted, balanced, and strict.

IE Mode is part of a series of changes coming to Edge, headlined by the switch to Chromium, the open-source project that also powers Google Chrome, as the platform that will underpin the browser.

A similar feature, called Privacy Filtering, was originally planned for Internet Explorer 8. At the time, however, Microsoft was fresh off its acquisition of the aQuantive advertising platform, which was rebranded as Microsoft Advertising, and executives ordered that the feature be removed from the final product.

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Microsoft introduced Fluid Framework, a novel web-based platform and componentized document model for shared interactive experiences that enables intelligent agents to work alongside humans to co-author and fetch content, provide photo suggestions, identify experts, translate data, etc.

A report from The Verge suggests that Microsoft is planning to launch Edge for macOS "very soon", but does not add anything beyond that. While all the buzz these days seems to be centered around fancy new artificial intelligence software, the most important tool used by the majority of workers is still the trusty old internet browser.

The Chromium-based Edge is now available in early test builds aimed at developers.

Up till now, Windows 10 users in the enterprise had to manually invoke Internet Explorer for compatibility with intranet sites necessitating working between multiple browsers.

"We hear from our customers that most enterprises rely on a multiple-browser solution today, and we hear from our customers and partners that this experience is disjointed and confusing", says Kyle Pflug, senior PM lead, Microsoft Edge Developer Experience on the company's blog.