Woman wakes from vegetative state 27 years after horrific crash


Munira Abdulla miraculously survived a serious brain injury that put her in a coma for 27 years.

Her son, Omar Webair, is now 32 years old and escaped with minor injuries and bruises to his head. It was a school day but there were no buses to take Webair home so his mother, driven by her brother-in-law, came to fetch him. Recalling the accident, Omar said that when his mother saw the crash coming, she hugged him to protect him from the blow.

Webair never gave up hope that his mother would wake up someday and continued to visit her in the hospital, spending hours by her bedside whenever he could.

She spent years moving through hospitals, first in London, then around the UAE due to insurance restrictions.

After a few days, she perfectly articulated Omar's name and now she can even say a prayer.

"To me she was like gold; the more time passed by, the more valuable she became", he told The National.

People who do regain consciousness often have severe disabilities caused by damage to their brain.

A woman in a coma since a horrific auto crash in 1991 left her with severe brain damage has miraculously awoken from her vegetative state, her family said.

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"Our primary goal was to grant her fragile consciousness the opportunity to develop and prosper within a healthy body, just like a delicate plant which needs good soil to grow", Dr Ahmad Ryll, a neurology specialist who treated Ms. Abdulla, told the UAE-based newspaper.

After that, the 32-year-old Abdulla slipped into a coma that lasted for decades.

And her first word was calling out Omar's name.

After almost 30 years in a coma, a woman miraculously regained consciousness in a hospital room in Germany recently.

Abdulla had been receiving treatment in various hospitals around the world since the accident after the crown prince gave her family enough money to be transferred.

Transferred to a German hospital, she was given physiotherapy and drugs to improve her wakefulness and sleeping patterns.

Ms Abdullah was transferred to Germany and received surgery to fix her muscles, while also being given medication to help with her sleeping patterns. "Don't consider them dead when they are in such a state". Webair therefore urges others "not to lose hope on their loved ones", adding: "All those years, the doctors told me she was a hopeless case".