N.Korea's Kim could meet with Russia's Putin next week


On Monday, Moon also reviewed his meeting last week with Trump, where the U.S. leader was in favour of fresh inter-Korean talks and also open to a trilateral summit in the future. Kim has shown no signs that he's willing to give away an arsenal he may see as his strongest guarantee of survival, and Pyongyang apparently has been trying to drive a wedge between Washington and Seoul by appealing to Moon's enthusiasm for engagement.

Moon urged his officials to begin preparations for a new summit, which would be the fourth meeting between the two leaders of North and South Korea in the past year.

North Korea on Monday celebrated the 107th birth anniversary of its founder Kim Il-sung with festivities. "I am sure that your activities at the highest state position will continue to contribute to development of friendly, good-neighborly relations between our countries and our peoples and to strengthening of peace on the Korean Peninsula", Putin said in his congratulatory message, posted on the Kremlin's website.

Washington has blamed the deadlock on the North's demands for sanctions relief in return for limited nuclear disarmament, but Pyongyang said it had wanted only some of the measures eased.

We should recognize that the nuclear, other weapons of mass destruction, conventional weapons and ballistic missile delivery programs now in the hands of the North Koreans are perceived by the Pyongyang regime as irreplaceable elements critical to the sustainment of that regime.

North Korea had been urging the South to break away from Washington and proceed with inter-Korean economic projects that are now held back by sanctions.

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Moon says he's ready for a fourth summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to help salvage faltering nuclear negotiations between Washington and Pyongyang.

In a celebratory report, Choe lauded the late leader's "rare wisdom, outstanding guidance and noble virtue" for leading the country's "revolution and construction only to victory", according to the Korean Central News Agency.

Last week's ROK-U.S. summit saw the South Korean President share plans to push forward with a sixth inter-Korean summit "soon", director of the presidential National Security Office (NSO) Chung Eui-yong told press on Thursday.

Kim said the United States has been refusing to withdraw what the North perceives as "hostile policies" while sticking to "mistaken judgment that we would succumb to maximum pressure".

Despite offering a critical view of the state of U.S. However, the South Korean media outlet did not offer details of the precise time and venue.