Verizon is Now Rolling Out 5G Wireless For Smartphones


Verizon tried to take an early lead in the 5G era with its non-standard 5G home internet service past year, but today is the big day for Verizon's real 5G network. This component plugs into the back of the phone, adding a 5G radio to your 4G phone.

On April 3, the company officially switched on its 5G Ultra Wideband Network in select parts of those two USA cities - a full week ahead of schedule. In Chicago, 5G coverage is available in West Loop and the South Loop, around landmarks like Union Station, Willis Tower, The Art Institute of Chicago, Millennium Park and The Chicago Theatre. Minneapolis customers' service is concentrated in the downtown area, like Downtown East and West. Naturally, we want to know if those numbers are real, so we've been on the hunt for speedtests. The service will cost an additional $10 per month, the New York-based carrier said previously. Thankfully, Verizon's PR crew has not been shy about posting some early numbers. As we reported last month, the initial plan was to launch 5G in those two markets on April 11th, but the service is live for subscribers right now. (Credit: Tom's Guide) As part of the 5G launch in those cities, Verizon is now selling the $349 5G Moto Mod, an add-on that brings 5G connectivity to the Moto Z3 smartphone. The U.S. government also has taken notice, with lawmakers and the Trump administration looking to supercharge research, investment and development in the telecom sector, believing that better wireless networks will grant the country a more competitive business edge - particularly against China, which is racing to deploy 5G as well.

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So, while the 5G network is clearly the faster of the two, it's not by an order of magnitude. We get it, Verizon, you want to call your 5G network "5G Ultra Wideband", but that logo has got to go.

Despite the fact that Verizon's 5G rollout leaves a lot to be desired, it is still touting the world's first commercially available 5G smartphone: the Motorola Moto Z3 with the 5G Moto Mod accessory. AT&T launched its 5G service in select areas late a year ago, but it only made a single 5G hotspot available to select testers and hasn't said a peep since.