Beats announces Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones with Apple H1 chip


Unveiled on Wednesday, the Powerbeats Pro feature "adjustable, secure-fit earhooks" that should ensure they stay in place during workouts. So, they're 50 bucks more expensive than the most expensive AirPods, which ring in at $199.99. So the Powerbeats Pro are aren't just a truly wireless version of the very popular Powerbeats 3 earbuds.

But that isn't stopping the company from advertising them anyway. They've even been available for $100. repeatedly. Around the ear mostly solves that problem. But since the Powerbeats 3 are still available at around 200 bucks, that seemingly exaggerated price point actually makes ideal sense.

For most stuff, they're like Iron Man earbuds that latch on over your ear to complete the deployment. Rather than USB-C, the Powerbeats Pro's charging case feature Apple's proprietary Lightning connector, just like the second-gen AirPods. It's way more convenient than it sounds, especially when you're working out and you don't want to fuss with your watch, never mind yell out to your phone.

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"Powerbeats Pro is a harmonious blend of premium sound, fit and functionality". That's up on the 5 hours of the AirPods, which is impressive. We'll see if we can pick a pair up for review. But on paper, it's a big win for both. The Beats Powerbeats Pro microphone array helps to lessen background noise, promoting greater voice clarity. Oh and don't forget: Beats says the Powerbeats Pro gets nine hours of battery life. Two-way wireless charging will let the iPhone charge other devices, such as the new AirPods wireless charging case, and all three models are said to have this ability. You just don't have to charge the Beats as often to reach it. Along with the powered case, you can get up to 24 hours combined. A 5 minute charge adds 1.5 hours of playback and a 15-minute charge 4.5 hours listening time. Powerbeats Pro will be available in four colors: ivory, moss, navy, and black. As someone who's always been a little underwhelmed by Beats' sound quality, I didn't buy this. Even if I can't now decide between navy and black.

The AirPods comparison sort of grinds to a halt when you look at the design and fit of the Powerbeats Pro. The charging case can't be charged wirelessly, however. That also means the Powerbeats Pro support the ability to talk for Siri.

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