Google adds for 4 new features to Gmail on its 15th birthday


Google celebrated the 15th anniversary of Gmail yesterday by announcing a bunch of new features.

Gmail is now 15 years old and, for its birthday, Google has announced a few updates for the service via its blog, including one that users have been eager to use for quite some time.

Desktop and Google Pixel 3 users know Smart Compose as the Gmail feature that completes sentences for you on occasion.

As of Sunday, you can also choose when your emails are delivered, an especially useful tool when you're working across time zones or don't want to interrupt any weekends or vacations. Also, the language support will be now available on Android devices. You can separate email into a Smart inbox that breaks out received emails by Personal, Pins, Newsletter, and then everything else, or go with a traditional list.

Google also claims it has also given Smart Compose the ability to learn and adapt to your unique writing style, so that if there's a certain greeting or opener you tend to prefer, like "Hey team", that line should show up as one of Smart Compose's various suggestions. In addition to that, Smart Compose will now work in Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese alongside English.

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The web version of the service got a major redesign previous year, with Google rolling out a redesigned Gmail for iOS app last month.

"Smart Compose is also getting, well, smarter". While the feature hasn't been given any time frame for release, it's fair to say it will start rolling out imminently given Google's history with integrating new features.

Prior to this feature, Gmail users had to rely on third-party apps or extensions such as Boomerang or IFTTT to schedule their messages for later, though recent changes removed IFTTT support.

Do you use Gmail? "This makes it easier to stay focused on the task at hand since you won't have to open a new tab or leave your inbox", said Google.

The recent launch of Smart Compose-which suggests text for you-has "already saved people from typing over 1 billion characters each week-that's enough to fill the pages of 1,000 copies of "Lord of the Rings".