Could you lie in bed for two months for £14,000?


If lying in bed for 60 days while getting paid for it sounds like an out-of-this-world deal, NASA sure has the flawless gig for you.

As part of the study, 12 male and 12 female volunteers will spend 60 days in bed in the :envihab facility at the DLR Institute of Aerospace Medicine in Cologne.

According to Leticia Vega, Associate Chief Scientist for International Collaborations for NASA's Human Research Program, the restrictions placed on the volunteers produce effects that are "similar to what astronauts experience in space", which can then be combined with what's known from studying humans in the weightless environment aboard ISS.

The space agencies want Earth-bound volunteers to test how artificial gravity might help keep astronauts healthy in space, the CNET reported on Friday.

Hansjörg Dittus, German Aerospace Center.

"A number of different experiments will be carried out over the course of the study, looking at cardiovascular function, balance and muscle strength, metabolism and cognitive performance among other factors", the European Space Agency said.

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But for your efforts, you'll get some sweet rewards, including an expense allowance of €16,500 euros ($27,321).

Sound like your dream job?

One of the groups will be rotated in a centrifuge to replicate an artificial gravity chamber, while the other won't be moved.

Each participant will have a private room and stay in a bed inclined at 6 ° with the head end downwards.

Scientists, medical professionals, physiotherapists and a nutritionist will be on hand to make sure participants are OK. Participants are required to speak German and be between 24 and 55 and healthy.

In addition to the $19,000 stipend, the DLR points out additional benefits to participating in the study. Note that you will have to translate the page into English.