Nvidia Expands Ray Tracing to Older GTX 10-Series Cards


Nvidia has announced that Pascal GPUs beginning with the GTX 1060 all the way up to the Titan XP will support ray tracing following the release of an official driver update due out in April. "We've been working very hard to optimize ray tracing across all our GPUs". It also makes the features available to all users of a game engine, which include engineers and programmers as well as content creators and artists. Although NVIDIA did highlighted that the previous gen Pascal GPU are capable of ray tracing, but the amount of processing power required for the ray tracing process in the current RTX games like Battlefield V or Metro Exodus will be too much for it handle.

NVIDIA has announced that it will be bringing real-time ray tracing to its Pascal GPUs. Keeping the low sales of RTX in mind, this expansion of new technology will increase the install base that can support it. In 2018, all that hard work came to fruition with the launch of GeForce RTX GPUs, the world's first consumer graphics cards with dedicated RT Core ray tracing hardware, enabling realistic ray-traced effects to run in real-time in high-fidelity and at high resolutions. It offers better performance across the board than the GTX 1060, but not $280 worth of performance improvements.

Instead, the GTX 10 cards series will perform ray tracing calculations such as Bounding Volume Hierarchy (BVH), and on their shader cored ray/triangle intersection, while already handling the other tasks in the rendering traditionally rasterized.

NVIDIA GameWorks RTX is a comprehensive set of tools that help developers implement real- time ray-traced effects in games.

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Given the differences between RTX and GTX cards, this means the ray tracing experience on them will not be equal though.

These new ray tracing additions in game engines should speed up the development process for developers as well as being accessible to anyone who uses the platform.

Remedy has released a new trailer for Control from GDC 2019, with the trailer specifically highlighting that the game will feature support for GeForce RTX's real-time ray tracing to give some added depth and immersion to its visuals.