'Call of Duty: Mobile' to bring multiplayer warfare to Android, iOS


Those who miss some of the iconic characters that stand out in the CoD series, such as Price and Ghost, will be able to enjoy them in the mobile title as well.

PUBG Mobile managed to unlock a new genre of mobile gaming in many markets such as India by attracting millions to its battle royale shooter gameplay. Even though Activision is known for its questionable business tactics, right now things look promising. Classic characters, guns, and maps will be in the game too, so Nuketown, Firing Range, and Hijacked are playable, of course. Taking inspiration from Black Ops and Modern Warfare (sorry, Advanced Warfare), it aims to be the definitive portable FPS experience. The title is now slated to launch worldwide soon.

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However, with new content comes the dark cloud of microtransactions.

Activision didn't say how the game will be monetized, but if the company is committed to the free-to-play experience, cosmetics rather than weapons ought to be the way to go. However, it's described as a standalone game that is not directly connected to any previous entry. The appropriately titled Call of Duty: Mobile draws familiar faces, guns, and modes from past games including Modern Warfare and Black Ops. At around the 42-second mark, there is a brief glimpse of helicopters and planes, which could hint that a battle royale mode will be part of the fantastic experience. In the trailer provided, some fan-favorite characters such as Captain Price appear to be included, while the text "MORE TO COME" flashed across the screen in segments, which ended with what looked an terrible lot like a battle royale mode. While that could mean different variations with each title, the fact that Blackout is probably being released with the new mobile game is telling. Until now, the game was in regional beta testing. Given that it's being developed by Tencent, a Chinese developer, we're hoping that it does end up here.