Admitting guilt is 'non-starter' for Robert Kraft in prostitution solicitation case


According to multiple reports, the Patriots owner will not accept a plea deal offered to him by Florida prosecutors.

The deferred prosecution deal offered to Kraft and others is a bit unusual in that it requires those charged to review the evidence in the case and agree that if it went to trial, they would be found guilty of prostitution solicitation.

Authorities set up hidden cameras at the spa and, Jupiter Police Detective Andrew Sharp said, there's video evidence of all of the suspects participating in the alleged sexual acts. Under the deal, the charges would be dropped in exchange for an admission of guilt, as well as fines and community service. However, according to local legal experts, first-time offenders like Kraft are unlikely to receive jail time. John Havens, a former chief operating officer at Citigroup, also has a hearing scheduled for the same day and courtroom.

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Jupiter police have said Kraft was caught on surveillance video on both occasions, January 19 and January 20. Women involved were allegedly trafficked against their will. When law enforcement officials first announced the arrests of spa operators last month, they described it as a sex trafficking case. "I'm Republican. That's the reason the Democrats want to check me".

Top Democrats have called for criminal and counterintelligence investigations into Li "Cindy" Yang.

Yang told NBC News she has lived in the USA for roughly two decades and has not had contact with any Chinese government officials. Yang told NBC News she sold the business in 2012 or 2013. They point to media reports claiming Yang's company GY Investments sells opportunities to get close to Trump to Chinese clients.