Michael Cohen not in trouble for misleading committee, House chairman says


Reps. Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows have already asked the Justice Department to investigate whether Cohen should face new charges over misleading the committee, and they said his lies go beyond the pardon comment.

"Our practice on this committee is to give witnesses an opportunity to clarify their testimony, and that is what Mr. Cohen has done", Mr. Cummings said.

Monico said Cohen had asked his previous lawyer to ask about a possible pardon after an FBI raid on his New York City home, office and hotel room in April 2018 because Mr. Trump had "publicly dangled the possibility of pardons when commenting about ongoing investigations".

According to Collins' legal counsel, Whitaker said in the meeting that he "does not remember" any conversations with Trump regarding Cohen.

During his testimony, Cohen told the committee: "I have never asked for, nor would I accept, a pardon from President Trump".

Collins also dismissed a Nadler statement that Whitaker was involved in conversations about firing one or more US attorneys as "normal personnel issues".

Monico claimed that Cohen was referring to his interactions with Trump's legal team after he had chose to exit a joint defense agreement he had with Trump's lawyers.

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In a statement to lawmakers on Tuesday, Cohen's legal team sought to clarify his recent testimony amid questions over whether Cohen sought, or Trump offered, a pardon to the man, who one declared he would take a bullet for the Republican president but has since flipped to cooperate with federal prosecutors. He said the committee would 'analyze the revelations and see where they lead'.

"While he was acting attorney general, Mr. Whitaker was directly involved in conversations about whether to fire one or more USA attorneys", Nadler continued.

Whitaker told the full committee at his public hearing in February that he and the president never discussed the Mueller investigation while he was serving as attorney general.

Whitaker "said he did not talk with the president about Mr. Cohen at all, and had no conversations with the Southern District of New York", Collins told reporters.

Whitaker left the Justice Department several weeks ago, but he's still facing hearings and investigations from his short time at the top.

"With that in mind, as a past member of the joint defense team, Mr. Cohen asked his then attorney to discuss with another Trump attorney possible pardon options consistent with the President's prior public declarations", Monico said.

Whitaker abruptly resigned from the DOJ early this month after saying he would stay on after the confirmation of Attorney General Bill Barr.