Huawei says it has its own OS in case it gets banned


The largest issue which the company would face is app support; while Android and iOS have thousands of apps that allow users to use their gadgets creatively, Huawei will have to build its app ecosystem from the ground up. Should it ever happen that we can no longer use these systems, we would be prepared.

Back in 2016, we had our first word that Huawei was working on a backup operating system to Android if in case it would have to jump off of Google's platform. The company wrote in its lawsuit that the United States "unconstitutionally singled out Huawei for punishment". In an interview with German agency Die Welt, Yu divulged that Huawei has developed in-house operating systems.

Huawei's smartphones use Google Android while its laptops run on Windows. The telecommunications giant is anxious that relations with the USA will degrade so badly that it might be forced to stop using Android and Windows.

According to reports all the way from 2012, Huawei began working on backup systems when the U.S. opened an investigation into both Huawei and ZTE.

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Despite Huawei fighting the USA government in court, the company is preparing for the worst. The same punishment was handed out to ZTE past year over sanctions violations. While an outright ban on ZTE was a devasting one, Huawei with its wealth of engineers has better chances of getting around such ban.

Samsung Z4, powered by the company's Tizen OS. "To be honest, we don't want to use it". Huawei already makes its own smartphone processors as well. However, he mentioned that Huawei likes to work with its partners like Google and Microsoft, which provide the Android and Windows operating systems for Huawei's smartphone and laptop portfolio.

A Huawei spokesperson quoted by the South China Morning Post confirmed the interview quote, also echoing Yu's sentiments regarding their continued preference for the US-made OSes. "Meng Wanzhou is an individual case and I don't think it should influence in any way the relationship Canada has with Huawei".