Google employee breaks the world record for calculating the value of pi


Between September and January, developer advocate Emma Haruka Iwao ran a computation of Pi to 31.4 trillion decimal places. The Google Compute Engine took the task this year, bringing calculations to a virtual machine cluster for the first time in Pi calculation history.

The new world record was announced today, March 14th-affectionately known as Pi Day-, which celebrates mathematics most well known constant, 3.1495...

It's Pi Day, the 3/14 celebration of perhaps the most famous number in history.

The 31.4 trillion digits have been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the most accurate value of pi after breezing past the record of 22.4 trillion digits set by Peter Tueb in November 2016. As per a blog post by Google, when Emma Haruka was 12 years old, she became fascinated with pi.

'I was very fortunate that there were Japanese world record holders that I could relate to.

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Iwao's feat is the first pi record calculated on the cloud.

Cloud computing services store and manage customers' software and data online. Making a world record was a very hard task.

If you'd like to participate in the Pi Day fun, there's a Google Cloud Showcase Pi Day art-maker up for the tapping right this minute. Another part of the Cloud is the sharing and Google have published the computed disks in their entirety as disk sets- if you want to have a look yourself and check it's correct you can grab them here. It's an irrational number that continues infinitely without repetition.

"Pi is useful not only for measuring circles but it also appears in calculations for everything from the period of a pendulum to the buckling force of a beam", said mathematician Matt Parker. Pi is used in engineering, space exploration and physics as its value can be used in calculations for waves, circles and cylinders.