Brexit: MPs to vote on no-deal after rejecting May's plans


MPs are expected to vote on the government motion, which says: "This House declines to approve leaving the European Union without a withdrawal agreement and a framework on the future relationship on 29 March", at about 19:00.

He has also joined forces with opposition MPs in a parliamentary amendment to stop a "no deal" Brexit, which will be voted on in parliament tonight.

And Mr Western, the Labour MP for Warwick and Leamington, has told his constituents he will be voting later today to take the option of a "no deal" Brexit off the table.

He then told Radio 5 Live that Theresa May has not allowed discussion of "alternative compromises" and "never been allowed to debate and vote on anything other than her deal". We will vote to extend Article 50 for a few months.

Following the vote on the main motion of the day, which was carried by 412 votes to 202, Corbyn spoke to the House, arguing that, "May's deal and no deal are simply no longer an option", after this week's votes.

"We'll be putting forward our own proposals about a limited extension because there is no way in which, to be frank, even if Theresa May's deal had gone through yesterday, I think, the Prime Minister would have had to apply for an extension because most of the legislation associated with a deal hasn't gone through yet".

Jacob Rees-Mogg, chairman of the European Research Group of Brexiteer MPs, said he felt the rejected deal had not delivered on the commitment to leave the EU cleanly and that the backstop would have kept the United Kingdom in the customs union.

Mrs May agreed but insisted her deal is a "good deal" and she wants the United Kingdom to leave with a good deal.

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MPs have voted against holding a second Brexit referendum this evening by a substantial majority of 249 votes. "We are therefore agreeing to give us the highest chance possible of securing a people's vote".

The MP this morning slammed the Prime Minister as a "control freak" who needs to resign as soon as a deal is struck. "Parliament must now take control of the situation".

He added the Commons needs to listen to the country, including workers and European Union nationals who are fearful for their futures, saying of Mrs May: "She needs now to show leadership".

May responded: "The deal that he's proposing has been rejected several times by this house".

A group of both Remain and Leave Conservative MPs have tabled this amendment.

He said: "Prime Minister, have you had the opportunity to consider whether you would support that amendment?"

On Wednesday morning the government announced that most imports into the United Kingdom would not attract a tariff in the event of a no-deal Brexit.