Nancy Pelosi takes Trump impeachment off the table: ‘He ‘isn’t worth it’


"I'm sure when we have bipartisan support the Congress will go forward", Rep. Brad Sherman, California Democrat, who introduced impeachment proceedings previous year, told The Washington Times.

Ms Pelosi told "The Washington Post", in a magazine interview conducted on March 6, that impeachment would be divisive unless "there's something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan".

It was Pelosi's most direct comment yet on Trump's possible impeachment, a topic she has dealt with cautiously as it carries the potential to sharply split Democrats and the public ahead of next year's White House and congressional elections.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib of MI, who took office demanding her fellow Democrats "impeach the [expletive]", and who renewed her push as recently as Friday, dialed back after Mrs. Pelosi's comments, saying she's content with investigations for now. He further claimed that he orchestrated the payments at "Trump's direction".

"At least two wild cards remain: federal prosecutors in NY who are scrutinizing Mr. Trump's business and inaugural committee, and Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel who is investigating the Trump campaign's ties to Russian Federation and whether the president obstructed justice".

"I think they will expose a lot of the illegal, corrupt and crimes that this president - that I believe that (have) existed and there will be sufficient proof to show that", he said.

"There will be another vote on impeachment", Green said in the interview. "Let's just address the comments about is he worth it".

Waters recently tweeted that impeachment "is the only answer" for President Trump. It's divisive as Pelosi acknowledged.

"Having said that", Courtney added, "there are certain circumstances, which I don't think we're in right now - sometimes you just have to do what you have to do if the country's at great risk".

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Warren similarly said that "today, immediately, the FAA needs to get these planes out of the sky", per Politico, also suggesting Congress should investigate whether "an administration that famously refused to stand up to Saudi Arabia to protect Boeing arms sales has once again put lives at risk for the same reason".

Like the other Democratic leaders who have refused to back impeachment, she remembers the acrimonious battles over the impeachment of Bill Clinton, which she called "horrible for the country".

Democratic leadership could then move to table the resolution, as Republicans did the two times Green took such action last Congress.

To be clear, I'm not saying that Pelosi should support impeachment hearings right now. It's also odd to hear the argument that no inquiry should happen simply because the Senate probably would never convict.

"The Constitution gives us the authority and the responsibility to decide whether a president is acting in the best interest of his country". Timing, Raskin said, "becomes more of a factor" in impeachment as elections near.

Now that Pelosi is being widely quoted as coming out against the impeachment of Trump, Democrats are divided over her comments, meaning another such moment will be litigated in coming days.

While Pelosi said she wasn't in favour of impeaching Trump, she maintained that he wasn't fit for the presidency.

"I get the impression this matter will only be resolved at the polls", Cummings said.

The public - and some Republicans - must support impeachment to proceed, she warned.