Facebook temporarily removes Elizabeth Warren's ads calling for breakup of Facebook


Sen. Warren' s presidential campaign ads includes the proposal of breaking-up of Facebook, Amazon, and Google and that audacious proposal led to Facebook deleting her ads from the platform.

"Today's big tech companies have too much power - too much power over our economy, our society, and our democracy", wrote Sen.

"Thanks for restoring my posts", she tweeted. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) that denounced "anti-competitive" tech mergers and called out Facebook, Google and Amazon by name, but then restored them upon review, Politico reported.

The Warren campaign would not say Monday if she'll continue accepting money from tech employees, but Warren spokeswoman Kristen Orthman told Politico that with her plan to break up tech companies, "clearly, she's not influenced by their money". The legislation would result in, for example, Google's "Search" and Amazon's "Marketplace" being forced to spin off.

As Warren cagily points out in her article, if the government had not sued Microsoft in the 1990s, we would all be using Bing instead of Google. "They've bulldozed competition, used our private information for profit and tilted the playing field against everyone else".

Facebook removed those ads, citing their violation of the company's policy of not allowing ads which use the Facebook brand.

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Facebook added that it did not remove all the adverts the Warren campaign ran calling for the forced separation of Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook. After the report broke, however, Facebook announced it is reversing the decision.

Seven ad metrics in all will be removed and replaced in April, including offers saved.

Stone pointed to a company policy that states "Don't use the Facebook corporate logo in an ad".

Warren's latest proposal is just one more sign that as the 2020 presidential election heats up, Silicon Valley and Internet giants are likely to increasingly come under fire from populist candidates.

With fewer competitors entering the market, the big tech companies do not have to compete as aggressively in key areas like protecting our privacy. Shortly after being posted, however, it was taken down by Facebook.

Now she's shared more details on why she thinks dividing Apple into at least two parts is necessary.