Did Ronda Rousey invite trouble following her latest outburst?


Then came an assault on Lynch to close-out the show and solidify Rousey as what seems to be the top heel in the company, let alone amongst the females.

Not only did she break kayfabe earlier in the conversation by calling Lynch's armbar finisher "fake", she referred to her as her real-life name of "Rebecca Quin" before telling her the next time she saw her she was going to "beat the f*** out of her" - and boy she did that on Raw. Bryan, also known as Chandler Biggins, was one of Cleveland's most beloved wrestlers, and Owens is dedicating his performance to him tonight since the event will be held in the Cleveland.

"I'm going out there and doing whatever the hell I want", said Rousey.

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Rousey is one of WWE chairman Vince McMahon's biggest stars, but he will be powerless to stop her from stepping away if she desires to start a family in the coming months. Rousey is expected to take a hiatus from the promotion despite being reportedly contracted to WWE until 2021. Reigns said. "I stand firmly behind these strong women and I'm so proud of them and the strength and the determination they've shown". She did not want to hurt Becky Lynch for sure as the officials also instructed to leave her face which already had a concussion past year.

The former UFC champion continued her verbal onslaught in her latest "Ronda on the Road" vlog where she made it clear that her comments were not part of the promo. As of this writing, 81-percent of the votes have gone to "Dis-arm-her" (Lynch), while 19-percent voted for "Figure-Eight Leglock" (Charlotte). Her in-ring debut in WWE was against Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, WWE's executive vice-president of talent and the chief brand officer, respectively. Not accept the money I'm making them? "I beat the f*ck out of her".