Google Duplex continues its expansion in the United States


Those of you who own a smart display like the Lenovo Smart Display or the Google Home Hub might notice a change in Google Assistant over the new few days. After this feature will be available on your Smart Displays you can start your continued conversation with your Google Assistant as your Assitant will stay active and keep you listening until and unless you command him to sleep. Now, it also works on Smart Displays, like the Google Home Hub, and non-Google speakers, like the Insignia Smart Speaker. The feature lets users engage in a conversation with the voice-activated assistant without prefacing each statement with "Hey Google".

As you can see from the video, after the Assistant is done answering you, it will remain in the top left corner of the display.

Users can ask Assistant to "turn on interpreter mode" to invoke the feature on compatible devices and choose which languages they desire to use. You'll need to opt-in to the service by opening up Google Assistant's settings, heading to "Preferences" and flipping the toggle under "Continued Conversations".

Google Home Hub is the only first-party Google home device with a screen, allowing you to see as well as hear information you request.

What it basically does is that it calls a restaurant and then proceeds with a conversation and gets a table (or tables) booked for you.

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How do you setup and control multi-room audio on your Google Smart Display?

The states where Duplex can be used are listed at a Google support page.

The assistant introduces itself by saying it is "calling from Google" and informs the restaurant that the call may be recorded.

As far as when you'll be able to use it on iOS, Google hasn't nailed down a firm roll out schedule.

What other features are new to Google Smart Displays?

To play five rounds of trivia, with a final round of challenging brain teasers offering questions like "How many dimples does a golf ball have?", you'll need to say: "Hey Google, are you feeling lucky?". And for good reason: they're an example of incredibly useful and easy to use technology that can make everyday life better, even if just a wee bit.