Explaining Captain Marvel’s Post-Credits Scene


Brie Larson plays Captain Marvel in the MCU's first female-fronted superhero movie.

Make sure to see Brie Larson, Lashana Lynch, Samuel L. Jackson, Jude Law and more in Captain Marvel - in theaters now!

Larson spoke about the idea of playing a female superhero who was complex, stating that she didn't think a flawless superhero was "realistic or something aspirational at all". Her abilities prove so dominant that she can seemingly do anything, be it fly to farthest reaches of space without protective gear or destroy intergalactic warheads with a single blow. She also has no real recollection of who she is, with only fleeting images of the traumatic events that gave her powers and made her part of this inter-galactic war.

Jackson plays a de-aged version of himself, something that Feige said wasn't much work at all, for either Nick Fury or Agent Coulson.

He's worn an eye-patch for the last ten years, but suddenly fans are seeing a whole new and much younger, Fury. Fury is someone who learns from Danvers, not the other way around. As expected, it also had two post-credits scenes.

I've really enjoyed my Bruce Bannerses and Steve Rogerses, but I liked my Carol Danvers even more.

"You have to infuse it in every aspect".

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But these trolls are excited for the film to be released so they can see a wave of perfectly legitimate critics take their side, solidifying their position that the first female-led Marvel film is bad... and that Marvel shouldn't ever do this again. Although she's given as many punchlines as Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man, Larson tosses hers off, so Captain Marvel never comes off as smug or self-satisfied. "I feel like they have a sarcasm together". Listen, they're a cat with other dimensions in their stomachs. "It doesn't mean that movies should always be this way, it's just saying, we can diversify even that aspect of things...our big loves in our lives", Brie explained.

But just because Carol is absent from the planet during those events doesn't mean they didn't happen, or that her rude comrade-in-arms is an aberration rather than an expression of a specific culture. She looks to her mentors and inadvertently (through misadventure involving time travel because, comics) becomes a leader herself. "But I'm also not a dog, bird, or a fish person either". I just don't engage pets. Given it has taken embarrassingly long for these female-led superhero films to arrive, it may be no coincidence that neither franchise is set in the present day.

Though you wouldn't think it after seeing that Carol-free trailer and TV spot, Captain Marvel will actually have a pretty big role in the upcoming Avengers: Endgame. "But I got a friend I wanna pick up though before we get to doing that". What a diva! Boden did call him a "very well-trained, very directable cat". Nia Jax certainly noticed the 29-year-old superhero and recently sat down to chat with her about the film.

This knowledge enticed Jax, who didn't hesitate to challenge Larson to a wrestling match once she found out.

Jax: I would love to challenge you in the ring anytime you're ready. There were audible sniffles in the audience.

They may be arch rivals but what unites Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman is intent.