Overwatch’s 30th Hero Is a Combat Medic Called Baptiste


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Blizzard has released a new cinematic trailer showing the origin of the newest character, Baptiste.

Whether or not this holds true in the wider game remains to be seen, as no amount of internal testing can account for the creativity of the millions-strong player base, and at the professional level the sheer skill disparity relative to even the best amateur players makes it very hard to judge how things will play out until the pros actually get their hands on a new hero. If you want to play as Baptiste ASAP, you're in luck: he's now live on Overwatch's PTR servers so you can get comfortable with his high-utility kit before he launches on the live servers.

Armor now reduces beam-type weapon damage by 20%. This means attacks like Symmetra's Photon Projector will do more consistent damage.

Damage over time effects are no longer mitigated by Armor.

Damage boost is now applied when a projectile is fired rather than when it hits a target.

A new sound plays when you land a hit that was damage boosted.

Knockback has been improved so that heroes who are flying or moving, like D.Va or Doomfist, can be knocked back.

Knockback distance is affected less by the target's movement and should be more consistent. Watch out for those new and improved Lúcio boops! It has a 15-second cooldown.

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Lúcio's Sonic Amplifier (or "boop" colloquially) will now count towards offensive assists if an elimination occurs because of it.

Fan the Hammer (right click) damage dropped from 55 to 50.

Ice Wall health reduced from 500 to 400. Orisa can now move faster while fending off enemies.

Pulse Rifle damage increased from 19 to 20.

Soldier: 76 has a host of changes to make him more viable in the current meta. When danger is near, Baptiste can toss out his Immortality Field to prevent allies from dying.

Hack cooldown is halved if you use it on a health pack.

Infrasight now reveals enemy health bars.

We don't really know anything about about how Baptiste will actually play yet, but the Talon memo provides a few hints...

Adaptive Shield will no longer force players out of Roll Mode. What's your favorite hero change in this patch?