Microsoft testing native Xbox One games on PC


The last few Windows 10 preview builds have included some vague instructions from Microsoft to install a special edition of a game, State of Decay, and report any problems with the process. "You'll need to have a PC on a version of Windows 10 from the Windows Insider program that is 18329 or higher in order to participate in this playtest".

Microsoft has been quietly beavering away to bring the Xbox One and Windows PC games ecosystems together.

From launching a new console, the Xbox One X, out of the traditional release cycle to moving to a streaming service called xCloud, gaming at Microsoft has once again become a top priority.

The official blog post on build 18334 says "We're excited to bring technology tailor-made for gaming to Windows", though it stops short of explaining exactly what that technology is.

The game installer is also an.xvc file format, which was introduced by Microsoft back in 2013 and used particularly for Xbox One games.

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Microsoft has put big chunks of the Xbox infrastructure into Windows 10.

Additionally, the State of Decay installation does an old-fashioned DirectX install - the type of install you'd see outside the Windows Store. The journalist noticed an interesting detail: it turns out the game is not downloaded from the Microsoft Store server, but directly from the Xbox Live server.

Being a PC gamer can be a challenge in today's console-centric world. In general, it has always been looking towards the unification of platforms. This includes several drivers, such as the Microsoft Gaming Filesystem and the Microsoft Gaming Install filter driver.

WalkingCat, a Twitter user who is well known for digging into Microsoft's software for clues about what the company is planning, noted that xsapi.dll = Durango Storage API, XCrdApi.dll = Durango XCRDAPI are referenced in the files, and Durango was famously Microsoft's codename for the Xbox One. While the Xbox One is a pretty powerful console, one of the issues people have had with it is the lack of good exclusives that come with the console. That means PowerShell can now install Xbox games.