Google Assistant comes to your text messages


Allo required users to direct a question @Google in the middle of their conversation, which was awkward and maybe slightly creepy.

Google wants to add more artificial intelligence to your text messages. Messages offers functionality such as Smart Reply that provides intelligent response prompts for messages depending on their context. Since November 2017, however, users have requested that Google allow this key to be remapped.

Those of you anxious about Google reading your personal messages should rest easy - the company says the content of your conversations is never sent to Assistant, only the entity listed on the chip you clicked. Google will also allow users to set separate languages for KaiOS (English) and Google Assistant (native language), aiding people who prefer their native language for verbal communication. Google believes over 100 million devices will ship with this button in the near future.

Google's vision for the Assistant has become ineasingly ambitious over the past year.

Still, as aspirational as those features are, the most important for the Assistant right now is in smartphones. Google also announced today that it's working on the expansion of RCS to other OEMs as well and the company is working with partners to bring Digital Wellbeing to other devices starting with Moto G7 series. You will now be able to speak the messages in different languages, including newly added ones - Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam and Urdu.

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You can still call up Assistant as you would regularly by long pressing on the Home button, but if you do it while in a Messages conversation, one of the suggestion chips will be to share the answer back to your chat recipient (s). Google is also introducing pairs of bilingual support with Korean, Hindi, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Dutch. You can select any language pairing from this expanded pool of languages.

Google announced new features for the Assistant. Users will be able to tap the suggestion to learn more.

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What are your thoughts on Google Assistant and its latest feature additions?