The first Israeli lunar spacecraft Beresheet launches Israel 12:43


So far, only Russian Federation, the United States and China have made the 384,000-kilometer (239,000-mile) journey and landed spacecraft on the Moon.

The spacecraft faces 5 main challenges on its way to the moon: First, the launch stage itself is high-risk. Third, the spacecraft will have to manage the extreme conditions existing in space.

The spacecraft was at a distance of 69,400 km and is starting its way back to start its first orbit around Earth. Critical to the success of the mission is the speed at which the Beresheet approaches the Moon, as it may overshoot it if it doesn't slow down enough.

The Air Force Rrch Laboratory (AFRL) S5 spacecraft is meant to set whether low-priced satellites could be used for Department of Defence missions.

Israel is reaching new heights after it launched a space probe in conjunction with SpaceX in an attempt to get to the moon for the nation's first time. NASA is providing support to track and monitor the spacecraft on its journey and landing. NASA followed with the Ranger 4 spacecraft in 1962.

Throughout the mission, Beresheet will transmit data to the control room in Israel.

According to Haaretz, at a press conference this week, the president of SpaceIL, Morris Kahn, who donated $40 million of the $100 million cost of the spacecraft, said Genesis was presented as a gift to President Reuven Rivlin and declared a national project.

Simply making it to the moon, however, would be a historic achievement, as Beresheet would be the first non-government craft to reach the lunar surface. The Scholarship Project was established to honor the memory of the first Israeli astronaut, Ilan Ramon, who died while courageously exploring the final frontier of space.The goal is to attract talented young Israeli students with backgrounds in technology, science, medicine and other space activities to allow them to continue their pursuit of knowledge with the world's leading space professionals at the prestigious International Space University.

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Since the establishment of SpaceIL, its representatives have met over one million students throughout the country. One is called the "Apollo Effect", hoping to inspire the next generation.

After its initial boost from the Falcon 9, the Beresheet's British engine will have to make several ignitions to place the spacecraft on the correct trajectory to the Moon.

If Israel's space venture proceeds as planned, it will become the fourth - and by far the smallest - country to do so.

Another significant opportunity lies in the progress of science and research.

Read our full coverage of SpaceIL's unprecedented mission to land on the moon. Its first spaceship designed for a moon landing is set to take off later this evening from Florida.

SpaceX set a company record past year with 21 launches for customers including commercial satellite operators and the United States (US) military.

On Friday, NASA is expected to decide whether to give its final go-ahead to SpaceX for a first, unmanned test flight on March 2 of a new capsule created to carry astronauts to and from the International Space Station.