The 2019 iPhone 11 could wirelessly charge your AirPods and more


"Kuo adds that the Apple Watch ECG function will come to additional countries this year along with a ceramic casing design and AirPods 2 will support wireless charging and upgraded Bluetooth connectivity", the report added.

In January Apple registered several new iPad models with the Eurasian Economic Commission, so it does of course stand to very logical reason that new models are certainly arriving this year.

Apple will also re-focus on the professional market with a display that is so big it can serve as a TV: a 31.6-inch monitor with 6K resolution.

Apple may be looking to shake up its MacBook Pro lineup, with two new models coming this year. However, before the arrival of these new iPhones, Apple is said to launch new iPads and a new iPod as well.

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Alongside the iPad news, Kuo also believes that we will see a 2019 iPhone refresh that mimics that which we saw past year, including a new Max and XR variation of the standard iPhone. Kuo relays that Apple's 2019 iPhone models will incorporate frosted glass casing, larger batteries, bilateral wireless charging, and as previously rumored, enhanced Face ID. This would compete with the Nintendo Switch, and also grab some extra users who want to get into the iOS world without having to pay the premium price for an iPhone. It seems odd that Apple would add USB-C to the latest iPad Pro but not extend that to the rest of their iOS device family but that's what leakers are saying.

Apple has reportedly been working on an updated MacBook Pro with an entirely revamped design, according to Kuo. This will not only give longer life but also allows the phones to wirelessly charge other devices. And it will introduce a third 16- or 16.5-inch model too. But Apple's head of marketing Phil Schiller has said that "As part of doing a new Mac Pro - it is, by definition, a modular system - we will be doing a pro display as well".

Though Kuo didn't specify which models will incorporate a triple-lens camera, previous rumors claim that the iPhone 11 Max will be the only device with that particular feature.