Early Captain Marvel Reviews Are Positively Glowing


Captain Marvel is bringing it.

What we won't tell you is whether either of these scenes tease Avengers: Endgame as some may find that too spoilerish to know. Up until now, the post-credits scenes of any Marvel movie has never been described as emotional and goosebump inducing. "By pre* I mean before the movie starts!"

The mid-credits scene is the more consequential of the two scenes for those who don't want to stay all the way through to the very end of the film.

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As it turns out, numerous publications who ran items on the "Captain Marvel" backlash should have waited a couple of hours before publishing those stories, as the first press reactions for the Marvel Cinematic Universe tentpole are extremely strong.

Last week, Captain Marvel " s official site went live in all of its "90s glory, but one of the most interesting things about the page is something you might have missed. It seems Marvel has another hit underway and one that will surely satisfy fans emotionally. Reddit user woot_wooten postulates that the Sorcerer Supreme will travel back in time to the 1990s, when Captain Marvel is set, and meet Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) and Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) to inform them of what's happening in their future. After all, it was in the post-credits scene after Infinity War that gave us our first hint Captain Marvel was coming. They'll turn around and see Dr. In fact, her alter ego, Carol Danvers, might just be tough enough to take down Thanos himself in the forthcoming Avengers: Endgame. Carol and the Avengers are nearly certainly going to wallop Thanos when Engame hits theatres later this year, but Marvel Studios has every intention of continuing to make films, which means that eventually, there's going to have to be another Big Bad™ that brings all of the heroes together to save the day.