Datamined Apex Legends files hint at new modes and spectators


As PC Gamer reports, the Apex Construct product page on Steam saw a whopping 4,000 per cent increase in visitor traffic and a spike in sales since Apex Legends was released. And so goes the fairly transparent post made by Respawn over at the Apex Legends subreddit.

In reports from "RealApexLegends" on Twitter, dataminers have uncovered several files in Apex Legends that may point to upcoming content for the game on the horizon.

That isn't all that has been uncovered either. "Unlikely to ever make it into the game, too much mobility". The first datamined finding states that "Survival" mode will feature spectators and other characters which will cheer players on.

Sometimes it pays to have someone share your product's name, or have one that's pretty darn similar, and this is absolutely the case right now with Fast Travel Games' Apex Construct. Again, I'm not asking these questions because I have the answers, but I would like to know all the same.

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Apex Legends - are new Legends already on the way?

Instead, as Respawn explains in a Reddit update it published over the week, players need to head to the Easy Anti-Cheat website and file their reports there, preferably with some kind of evidence. There's no better way to get better at the game than to try and ascertain some wisdom from the person that last shot you in the back. Wait, wrong franchise, in Apex Legends the character Octane seems to be some sort of medic with a stim pack.

But until Respawn confirms their plans for Apex Legends Season 1, a lot of this will remain speculation.