Hundreds of new emojis hitting our keyboards this year


A total of 59 brand new individual emojis have been added, which totals out at 230 once the many variations are factored in. For example, the new "couple holding hands" emoji will let you change either person's skin color to any of the six available. Unicode first introduced support for skin colour in 2015, but users were limited to heterosexual emojis for couples, and could only select couples with the same skin tone.

The whole collection can be viewed on Unicode's site as well as examples of how the sample could be varied by outside platforms. More inclusive options such as non-gender conforming people and emojis with disabilities will also be featured.

The diya lamp, stethoscope, sari, ballet shoes, auto rickshaw, service dog, sloth, otter and pinching hands are among a slew of other fascinating emojis included in the latest crop.

Some of the new emoji coming in 2019.

"We'd also like to see greater representation of disabled people and disability across all parts of the media and social media". These were among the new emojis announced this week by the Unicode Consortium, the nonprofit that provides standards for text on the internet and oversees emojis. With an effort to making them more inclusive and diverse, we will be seeing new emojis make their debut.

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The wait for people to put these emoji to use won't be too long, as Unicode 12.0 will be released on March 5. New emojis typically come to cellphones in September or October, Unicode said in the announcement.

Indeed, the "period emoji", as pointed out by the Daily Mirror, was reportedly spearheaded into subsistence by children and girls' watchdog Plan International U.K. as a way to end the stigma surrounding menstruation, a point echoed by Mashable.

"A period emoji can help normalise periods in everyday conversation", says Barlow.

More seriously, there are now guide dogs, a wheelchair and a cane used by blind people, which means people living with disabilities have more useful icons.