You Can Now Blur the Background during Skype Video Calls


Background blur in Skype uses artificial intelligence trained in human form detection to ensure you remain in focus during a call.

To activate the feature all you need to do is select the "blur my background" option to activate this for the duration you leave this option enabled. It will allow users to avoid clearing up the messy room or any environment with blur effect while using the video messenger.

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Most desktops and laptops should have access to background blur with the latest version of Skype, according to the company's blog. The feature does not interfere with the usual process associated with making Skype video calls. So like other free calling and messaging apps, Skype is also updating itself for sake of its users by launching Skype new Feature. It's been available in Microsoft Teams software since past year.

You can get the same results via "Skype Settings". Alternatively, while on a call, right-click on the camera feed at the top right corner of the screen and click the "blur my background" option in the popup menu. The feature will help you in getting rid of the clutter around you while having important conversations. The same technology is used in Microsoft Teams, which announced background blur last September. Users can use this feature only if they have updated the software to its latest version. The tech can also detect hair, hands, and arms, making the background blur integrate smoothly, the post said. This means you should not have something going on in the background that you do not want to risk being seen by others. The feature is only available on desktop for now, and the team didn't say if this feature will eventually come to mobile.