You can secure your WhatsApp conversation with Face ID and Touch ID


To add Face ID or Touch ID on WhatsApp for iOS, here's what you need to do. But until then, Facebook just added a new security feature to the iPhone version of its most popular messaging app, support for biometric authentication. To activate the new feature, click Settings Account Privacy and enable Screen Lock. There is no word as to when Android users will get the same. Do note that even after enabling Screen Lock, you will be able to reply to WhatsApp notifications from the Notification Center. With this you can peacefully handover your iPhone or iPad to your friends or family members without worrying about them hovering through your WhatsApp chats.

Still, for those not wanting to use third party solutions, WhatsApp's extra security measures are a welcome extra layer of security for something so personal as your private conversations. However, this doesn't prevent WhatsApp from offering message previews in notifications. The new feature, which has been in anticipation since October a year ago - when the new authentication addition was reported for the first time, works similarly to how you can lock Outlook or Signal on your iPhone.

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The big picture: Introducing additional privacy features to WhatsApp may be beneficial to some users, but it is only a minimal guard against those with physical access to a mobile device.