Outrage After Maduro Troops Intimidate Guaido at His Home


Russian Federation and China, among others, back Maduro, who has said National Assembly head Guaido's self-declared claim to the presidency is an attempted USA -backed coup.

"In a few weeks they will have to choose if they let much needed aid into the country. or if they side with Nicolas Maduro", said Guaido, who recently offered an amnesty to members of the military in another effort to encourage them to defect from the Maduro administration.

Maduro has also received support overseas from nations such as China, Cambodia, Iran, Laos, North Korea, Russia, Syria and Turkey, while others like Australia, Canada, the European Union and Israel have joined the U.S.in backing Guaidó.

In Thursday's speech, Guaido divided the plan into three phases: the "cessation of the usurpation", the establishment of a "transitional government" and free elections.

The crisis in Venezuela, where Juan Guaidó, head of the National Assembly and a rival of Mr Maduro, declared himself president on January 23 and gained United States endorsement, has shone a spotlight on Kremlin ambitions in the region.

It's time for Maduro to get out of the way, " Bolton's tweet said.

Guaido does not yet control any of the state's functions, which remain loyal to Maduro despite the opposition's calls for defections. Mexico and Uruguay called for an worldwide conference of neutral countries to facilitate talks between Maduro and the opposition next week. "We hope that Venezuela and the USA can respect and treat each other on an equal footing, and deal with their relations based on non-interference in each other's internal affairs", she said.

Mexico and Uruguay have not recognized Juan Guaido as the acting president.

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In addition, Americans who work for non-US companies located outside the United States and Venezuela have until March 29 to conduct "certain maintenance or wind-down transactions", according to the notice dated January 31 and posted on the department's website overnight.

"The combination of ongoing domestic protests, global political pressure, and concerted economic pressure via sanctions could hasten a transition as well as lift oil prices", the analysts said.

Venezuela's opposition has called on supporters to flood the streets again Saturday in nationwide protests against Maduro, the second such mass action this week. "For years and years, the United States has paid them hundreds of millions of dollars and they do nothing for us".

"We are not just taking aid from the United States", Guaido said.

On Thursday, lawmakers at the Brussels-based European Parliament voted to accept Guaido as "legitimate interim president of the country" - and urged the European Union to follow suit.

Under Maduro's ruling, the people of Venezuela had been suffering an economic and humanitarian crisis.

"We have been contacted by diplomatic workers across Europe who are ready to take a step forward, but they are waiting for the right moment".