United States polar vortex 2019: U.S. faces historic low temperatures


The dry, frigid air froze exposed water instantly, led to spontaneous nosebleeds and made even brief forays outdoors extremely hazardous.

Having colder-than-normal and warmer-than-normal weather is not uncommon.

The Cedar Rapids Kennedy High graduate's father, Michael Belz, said he was told by two doctors, a counselor and a UI police captain that his son's death was not alcohol-related.

The deaths recorded in the United States included an elderly IL resident who was found several hours after he fell while trying to get home and a University of Iowa student found behind an academic hall several hours before dawn.

A 22-year-old man in Rochester, Minnesota died of frostbite and hypothermia after he was locked out of his home early Sunday morning.

"Whiteouts, as well as blowing and drifting snow resulting from gusty winds, threaten to force road closures and make travel almost impossible and extremely risky at times", AccuWeather meteorologist Kyle Elliott reported.

Others proved there is nothing a creative U.S. journalist can't use to make their audience fear Russian Federation a little more. Squalls create white-out conditions.

About nine injured motorists were taken to hospital. On the contrary, the researchers found that cold waves like the one the United States is experiencing now have become rarer. "But we will never force someone", police officer Michael Carroll said.

FlightAware monitoring service said the weather forced the cancellation of 2,622 flights nationwide on Wednesday. As of Thursday morning, about 1,700 flights in and out of Chicago's airports had been cancelled over the previous 24 hours.

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On Wednesday, even some Hamilton (Chicago) performances were cancelled, due to weather conditions.

The blast of polar air that enveloped much of the Midwest on Wednesday closed schools and businesses and strained infrastructure with some of the lowest temperatures in a generation.

Homeless people huddle over steam grates near the Enterprise Center in St. Louis, Mo., on Wednesday amid extreme cold.

Postal services were unable to deliver mail in parts of Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, the Dakotas and Nebraska. Forecast suggest Wednesday's high temperatures in the Midwest might be some of the coldest on record for certain locations, and Thursday morning's low temperatures could also set new records.

Many people were urged to stay home, and those who did venture out were advised by the National Weather Service to cover their mouths and protect their lungs from severely cold air by not "taking deep breaths" and keeping talking to a minimum.

General Motors said late Wednesday it's suspending operations at 11 MI plants due to the cold. They are 5 to 6 feet underground and beneath the frost line, but that matters little when temperatures drop so dramatically, Peckinpaugh said.

The bitter cold was caused by the mass of air known as the polar vortex drifting south from its usual position over the North Pole.

That meant temperatures in parts of the Midwest were lower Wednesday than in Antarctica, where the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station hit negative 25 degrees (negative 31.7 Celsius) - balmy compared to Fargo, North Dakota's negative 31 degrees (negative 35 Celsius) and Minneapolis' negative 27 degrees (negative 32 Celsius), according to the National Weather Service.

President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly denied the scientific reality of manmade climate change, used the onset of deadly cold weather as an opportunity to once again question the reality of global warming. The National ocean and Atmosphere Agency (NOAA) noted that winter storms are "not proof that there is no global warming". Not only is this disingenuous, it also detracts attention and resources from much needed climate change mitigation efforts.