News FaceTime bug lets you eavesdrop if the other party doesn't answer


A newly discovered bug in FaceTime allows people to listen to the audio of a person they are calling before the person accepts or rejects the call.

Now that FaceTime is disabled, callers will be unable to utilize this bug to listen and watch you without your permission through FaceTime. I was spying on him through his iPhone - and I could do the same thing to pretty much anyone on an iPhone right now.

Then I could use iPhone A to hear iPhone B's microphone. After the phone begins to dial, swipe up to add another person to the call, and add your own phone number.

The bug - reported by 9to5Mac and confirmed independently by CNET - has the ability to turn any iPhone into a hot mic without the user's knowledge, representing a major security concern for Apple.

The site also found that video calls to Mac were affected by the same bug, and that in certain circumstances an attacker could also get access to a target iPhone's camera feed before it had picked up. On your device, it looks like the call is active even if the other party has not joined yet, with audio and video through the front camera both being active on the recipient's phone.

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To disable FaceTime on a Mac, open the FaceTime app and select FaceTime Turn FaceTime Off.

"We're aware of this issue and we have identified a fix that will be released in a software update later this week", an Apple spokesperson has told multiple media outlets.

The recipient was not able to see or hear the FaceTime caller.

On an iPhone or iPad, head to Settings FaceTime and toggle FaceTime off. Users might want to disable FaceTime until then.