Moon Discovery: Why The Earth's Oldest Rock Was Found On Lunar Surface


Almost 48 years after Apollo 14 returned from the moon with a cargo of collected rocks, geologists have established that at least one of them originated 20 km below the Earth's surface. It was possible to determine how deep beneath the earth the rock had been with the use of molecular analysis.

A lot of the rocks we have on Earth aare pretty old, but none of them were around when our planet was first formed.

The rock contains the minerals quartz, zircon, and feldspar - all minerals commonly found on Earth, but not on the moon. The fragment likely reached the Moon's surface after an asteroid or comet smashed into the Earth, flinging debris into space.

Kring noted, "The conclusion of a terrestrial origin for the rock fragment will be controversial".

Nemchin is quick to point out that he and his team are not 100 percent certain that the sample originated on Earth although the evidence would suggest that. He notes that samples of Hadean Earth certainly peppered the lunar surface; other samples will likely be found with additional study. These materials are very rare on the moon, and looking at the chemical analysis, this tiny fragment was crystallized in an environment similar to the one on early Earth's subsurface. The researchers believe that the impact of the collision jettisoned the rock into space and then landed on the surface of the Moon.

Yes, this supposed moon rock is actually an Earth rock.

Perhaps the impact created a huge cloud of debris that mixed thoroughly with the Earth and then later condensed to form the moon.

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An ancient Earth relic was found on the Moon.

A chunk of Earth that could be 4.1-billion-years-old and is described as the planet's "oldest rock", may have been found and dug up on the Moon by Apollo astronauts, according to a new study. "After all, as this paper shows in 2019, we are still making discoveries about the Moon from rocks collected 48 years ago". The sliver of material, the same width as two human hairs, has been dated to 4.4 billion years old.

And it is only now that researchers made a decision to take a closer look at the "unusual" rock that was brought back the Apollo 14 crew.

An worldwide team of scientists led by NASA's Center for Lunar Science and Exploration (CLSE), found evidence that the impact jettisoned material through Earth's primitive atmosphere, into space, where it collided with the surface of the Moon (which was three times closer to Earth than it is now) about 4 billion years ago. This rock's place was more at the end of the list, but no other rock has the title of the most interesting one ever found.

"However, a simpler explanation is that this piece was formed on the Earth and brought to the surface of the moon as a meteorite generated by an asteroid hitting Earth about four billion years ago, and throwing material into space and to the moon".

"That's that these unusual characteristics are the result of impact processes on the Moon, without the need for having these rocks arriving from Earth", he told Gizmodo.