Brutal cold surging on Midwest


Then the "coldest air mass in years" will hit the region on Tuesday with extreme cold lasting through Friday, the weather service said. The effect could stay in place through Thursday with wind chills of 50 to 55 below projected. Most of the area sees just snow, but our far southeastern counties will likely see a mix transition into rain.

While intense snow smothers much of the Midwest, snow will likely extend all the way down to MS and Alabama. "If temperatures can cool quick enough before the precipitation ends, the chance exists for a little snow or sleet", said Chief Meteorologist Hank Allen.

There will be one silver lining for Chicagoans, however: temperatures will rise to 33 degrees by 10 a.m. Monday, offering a brief respite before they dive back to subzero values, the weather service said.

Tuesday night, temperatures are forecast to drop enough to freeze any wet or slushy pavement.

Morning lows may reach the minus 20s in the Twin Cities, while Des Moines, Iowa, Chicago, and Milwaukee may experience minus teens and minus 20s by Wednesday and Thursday, according to "Many accidents can be avoided by taking extra time and being respectful of other motorists", said OEMC First Deputy, Rich Guidice.

Temperatures across Canada are now more than 30° below Monday morning and it is set to break south resulting in the coldest arctic outbreak in at least two decades in parts of the Midwest.

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From Monday night into Tuesday morning, windchills were expected to fall between 25 degrees below zero and 35 degrees below zero.

In Wisconsin, plow drivers were having a hard time keeping up with the snow in Sheboygan.

More than a foot (30.5 centimeters) of snow was expected to accumulate Monday in southeastern Wisconsin and southeastern Minnesota.

Minneapolis received about four inches of snow overnight Sunday into Monday, according to WCCO, and parts of central Minnesota received as much as six inches.

Hundreds of flights were canceled at two airports in Chicago, a major regional hub and America's third city, in neighboring IL. In eastern North Dakota, officials have issued travel alerts because of blowing snow.

The cold air is riding behind an Arctic front that brought several inches of snow to the same region over the weekend.