Anthem Loading Screen Stuck: Anthem Beta Players Dealing With Issues


With explosions and hailing bullets galore, this is one game we can't wait to play. The former did not present itself in internal testing, and "investigations are ongoing", with the studio continuing to apply fixes over the weekend.

Entitlements - these are account flags that grant players things like their pre-order incentives and demo access.

In an attempt to rectify some of the quality of life issues with the demo, BioWare stated that everyone who plays Anthem's demo will receive an additional new vinyl at launch. "We believe we've resolved most of these, but have additional cases we are addressing", he said.

Bioware has since released a potential workaround for the infinite loading screens, which is to close the game client, relaunch it, and "if it asks to rejoin the expedition press the indicated button to connect".

Touching on the infinite loads, BioWare said that it recorded "isolated cases" during testing, but thought they had been ironed out. Unfortunately, the problem is exacerbated in the real-world where differences with player's ISPs and home networks introduce new behavior.

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Continue to resolve any reports of issues with login and entitlement problems.

The "infinite loads" issue looks like the most troubling, and potentially the most hard to solve. The issues that players faced cropped up from elsewhere.

"We believe we can address this and will be conducting some small-scale experiments to confirm that". However, many people are playing right now, and streams of the demo currently make it the third-most viewed game on Twitch. Thank you for your support! All of that was encountered on a high scale, pushing some of the participants out of the Anthem's VIP Demo. We'll just have to hope these issues can be rectified for the game's launch on 22 February. Given that the four javelins seem to be a way to placate players, I'd imagine that those who weren't eligible for the VIP demo won't have access to them when they hop into the open demo next weekend.

We believe we've created an wonderful game and we're doing everything we can to ensure our entire community can enjoy it. We'll keep you updated as to when we can get in and if EA provides any future updates. Publisher EA and developer BioWare aren't shying away from the criticisms, instead offering fans and hopeful purchasers insight on what happened and how they plan to fix it.