Anatomy of a Super Blood Wolf moon


It's a total lunar eclipse, also known as a "super moon" and will last for an unusually long time, approximately three hours.

Depending on weather conditions in your area, it may be rusty, brick-colored or blood-red.

The name "blood moon" comes from the reddish-orange colour that the moon takes on during the eclipse.

The full effect of the blood moon will begin to be seen here at about at around 12:41 a.m., however effects of the event can be seen hours before.

The January super moon is particularly significant as it is known as a "wolf" moon by Native American tribes and early colonists, the wolves howling over the scarcity of food during wintertime in the Northern Hemisphere.

If that wasn't enough, the eclipse will be made even more spectacular by the fact that it will be accompanied by a "super blood wolf moon".

This is the first total lunar eclipse visible in its entirety across the US since December 21, 2010.

As you can see in the map below, all of North and South America as well as UK, Ireland, Greenland, Portugal, some parts of Spain, France, and Norway, and Iceland will get to full lunar eclipse.

The eclipse is set to begin around 4.41am on January 21 with the best views at around 5.15am for United Kingdom sky gazers.

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And this year's blood moon is of particular interest to astronomers and skygazers as it is the last of its kind for two years. The entire celestial event will wrap up at 1:51AM ET, though there won't be much to see by that point.

The penumbral eclipse starts at 9:36 p.m. E.T. on January 20, according to the site.

CBS4)- Sunday night, weather permitting, will bring a rare opportunity to view an extremely rare lunar eclipse. "At that time, the Earth's shadow will begin to pass in front of the moon, blocking nearly all of the sun's light from reaching it. Observers will see the moon appear to be progressively "swallowed up" starting from the lower left". Sunday's supermoon total eclipse will be visible from Albuquerque if skies are clear.

The moon will appear dark until the partial eclipse begins at 7.3pm PST.

About 90 minutes later, it will reach totality. The third class - penumbral eclipses - are hard to see. But if you looked up, you'd see a ring of light in the darkened sky, as sunlight illuminated the rim of atmosphere surrounding Earth's disk, according to the Lunar and Planetary Institute.

The next total lunar eclipse that's positioned over North America won't be until May of 2022.

That means the moon looks a little brighter to the naked eye at this time, "but you'd have to be paying attention to notice the effect", Betts said.

As the full moon passes by Earth this weekend, it will be at a distance of 222,043 miles (357,344 km).