Super moon, a total Lunar eclipse and bright planets


"A full 62 luxurious minutes of totality", says Sky and Telescope Magazine.

The "super blood wolf moon" nickname is certainly ominous. So, let's break down the hype, starting with the eclipse.

Comprehensively dubbed the Super Blood Wolf Moon, Sunday's eclipse is a rare trifecta of awesome astronomical phenomenon and not, as some might think, the title to an '80s power metal album or the final boss of your Dungeons & Dragons quest. You'll notice the moon getting significantly darker.

The only total lunar eclipse of 2019, it gets underway Sunday just after 9:30 p.m., according to NASA. That's where the "blood" comes in. Instead of reflecting sunlight as the Moon would have done at any other point, the Earth casts a shadow on the satellite.

The moon orbits around the Earth every 27.3 days in a path that is slightly elliptical, meaning it can be closer or farther from Earth throughout the month. As the Moon is so close to Earth, it appears larger in the sky than usual. During our days, sunlight coming in from up high is scattered. Rather, it takes on a reddish glow from refracted light as the heavenly bodies move into position - hence the "blood moon" moniker. The earth, being in the way, is blocking the light.

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So what about the "super" part of Sunday's show in the sky? According to, the moon's orbit will take it between 221,681 miles and 252,622 miles this year. "Front row center" belongs to those who live near and along the U.S. East Coast, where the totally eclipsed moon will climb to extraordinary heights.

While total lunar eclipses are not especially rare, the 2019 version takes place early enough in the evening that it can be enjoyed by USA stargazers of all ages, said George Lomaga, a retired astronomy professor from Suffolk County Community College. In all, assuming good weather conditions, this shady little drama will have a potential viewing audience of some 2.8 billion people.

The number of eclipse watchers soared higher than the heavens last July when we had a once-in-a-lifetime experience and what is fun about Sunday night's show is that the January 20-21, 2019 total lunar eclipse will last one hour and two minutes, according to NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center lunar eclipse projections. Just something to think about the next time you watch Earth's shadow wax and wane across our nearest neighbor.

Finally, this is called a Wolf moon is a part of tradition of referring to January's full moon.