Government shutdown could impact tax refunds


But fear not! While the Internal Revenue Service now lacks the funds to process refunds, it is fully prepared to process tax returns that include payments to the government.

As budget negotiations to reopen the government have stalled over President Donald Trump's demand for funding to build a border wall, the risk is growing that tax refunds could be delayed if furloughed IRS workers don't return to work.

The country's tax collector is among the federal agencies affected by the government shutdown, now in its second week.

The upcoming filing season was already going to be challenging for the IRS because the tax-law changes affect the forms and rules for individual filers, which was likely to cause more questions and more calls than usual.

However, in the case that it does remain closed, Olsen said people should continue to file taxes as if everything is normal. Live telephone assistance is not available at this time.

Anyone looking to talk to a representative from the IRS with questions about when they might get their refund is greeted with an automated phone message: "Welcome to the IRS".

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CLEVELAND- If the government shutdown continues, here's a twist: You would still owe your taxes on time.

Tax preparers say it's hard to answer the question of when someone might get their refund, should the shutdown drag on.

Tax filing season usually begins in mid-January, and if the shutdown is resolved by then it may have little lasting impact on taxpayers.

And what if the government shutdown continues deep into tax season?

"We hope that they come to a solution quickly because people are getting ready, people are coming in filing taxes, and so we hope for a quick resolution", Angrand said.