Netflix warns against 'Bird Box' challenge


But their antics were far from hilarious as people could become seriously hurt, so Netflix has stepped in to plead for the games to stop.

It's a toss up whether you loved Netflix's latest thriller Bird Box, but the internet can admit that the memes the movie inspired were spot on.

In the movie, directed by Susanne Bier and now streaming on the platform, characters wear blindfolds to protect against an unseen force that seemingly takes over people's vision.

The challenge, which is becoming very popular on social media outlets, requires people to blindfold themselves like the characters in the sci-fi horror flick. They do so by using blindfolds.

Fans of the film quickly started sharing their own "Bird Box" experiences, including a group of friends in NY who were seen walking down the street blindfolded.

The Bird Box challenge is just one version of that meme, and it involves two things: putting on a blindfold, and behaving as if you are moving through an apocalyptic world.

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Fortunately, no injury has occurred as a result of the "Bird Box Challenge".

Released less than a month ago, Netflix's Bird Box has swept social media with conspiracy theories, memes, and now, the Bird Box Challenge. People are even doing 24-hour challenges and documenting it all.

"We created a significant amount of music and conceptual sound for Bird Box, a lot of which never made it to your ears in the final version of the film".

In the above video, a group was walking together around the streets of New York City blindfolded.

The task is made more hard, however, because she and the children - named Boy and Girl - must be blindfolded to protect themselves.

2019 just started, and it's a hot mess already.