Complete list of dates for every full moon in 2019


In the past year, Super Blue Moon was featured with a red tinge which was caused through the shadow of Earth by the moon itself.

Together, the events will create a phenomenon known as the "super blood wolf moon" - a nod to a Native American term for full moons in January. A supermoon is when the satellite is to the closest point from the Earth during its elliptical orbit.

Charles R. Alcock, director of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, said a total lunar eclipse is "wonderful to see, so if we're fortunate to have a cloud-free night, it's actually worth staying up for it".

The first total lunar eclipse of 2019 - also called a wolf moon - is expected to be both a supermoon and a reddish-copper blood moon. This happens when Earth interferes with the Sun and Moon, making the Sun's light curve towards the Moon-henceforth the creepy ruddy tone.

It seems that this will not be just any regular blood moon, but a super blood moon, according to the latest reports.

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The rare lunar event will be visible in the sky across the United States starting late on January 20 and last into the early morning of January 21.

Central Time on January 20 and should last for about a half-hour. It will occur from 9:36 pm EST (8:06 am IST) on January 20 and end at 2:48 am EST (1:18 pm IST) on January 21.

This is also one of the few times where North America is the chief beneficiary of the lunar event, with people in South America and parts of western Europe also seeing it.

Here's a breakdown of this eclipse's wonderful name. The legend goes that in ancient times wolves used to come out and howl in front of the moon in hunger.

A full moon taking place in January or the first full moon of the year has been called a Wolf Moon since colonial times.