Apple to start assembling top-end iPhones in India


By comparison, the more expensive iPhone XS and XS Max together account for 35 percent of iPhone sales, a report by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners said. Their data showed that almost 16 per cent Android users chose to switch to a new iPhone following the release of iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. According to a survey report emerging from the USA, there has been an increase in the number of people buying iPhone XR, who were earlier users of Android phones. "Based on the initial sales, iPhone XR took the same share of iPhone sales as earlier models in their first month on the market", said Josh Lowitz, another analyst from CIRP.

CIRP's report states that almost one-third of the iPhone buyers have bought iPhone Xr which starts at $749.

According to a Reuters report, Apple will start assembling it's iPhones in India via the local unit of Foxconn. However, in India, the new iPhones are way more expensive than the USA - thanks to our country's custom duty charges on imported consumer electronics.

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Specifically, the report found that 16% of new iPhone owners in November were former Android users. This is lower than what the iPhone X managed in 2017 - 86 percent existing iPhone owners upgraded to it. "Of course, Apple doesn't just state plainly its launch strategy".

It is pretty evident that Apple had bumped up the iPhone prices past year not only in India but globally - thanks to the latest processors and the new Face ID biometric systems, which indeed increased production costs of the iPhone X, hence the price hike. "Then, the similarly-priced models accounted for 39% of units, and after they had been available for a month before the iPhone X was released".

The data also shows that in the US, 82% of new iPhone purchases were made by someone upgrading from an older iPhone model.