Google Marks Geminid Meteor Shower With Doodle


The Geminid Meteor Shower will be visible only in clear dark sky at midnight on the nights of December 13 and 14. The Geminids Meteor Shower is finally here and shall grace the skies tonight!

Geminid Meteor Shower will take place in the second week of December, all night on December 13 and 14.

During the peak of the shower, which is tonight around 2 a.m., you can see anywhere between 30 to 40 meteors per hour.

This meteor shower is active every December when Earth passes through a massive trail of dusty debris shed by a weird, rocky object named 3200 Phaethon, NASA said. In the northern hemisphere, you'll be able to enjoy a better view of the Geminid meteor shower as the radiant becomes higher in the night sky.

Although the Geminid shower is known for its "shooting stars", the number of meteors visible depends on the time and how dark it is.

You should start to see the Geminid meteors appear, their rate will increase hitting their peak at around or around 100 per hour around 2am Thought this number is reflective only of someone watching from the flawless position under totally cloudless skies. The waxing crescent Moon sets around 10:30 p.m. local time, leaving the rest of the night Moon-free. Nicknamed the 900-pound gorilla of meteor showers by NASA, they outweigh other dust streams by factors of between 5 to 500!

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If this is your first rodeo with viewing meteor showers, Cook has some great advice on how to get the best viewing experience. The meteors can appear all across the sky, but they'll appear to be flying away from the area of the bright star Castor in the Gemini constellation.

The asteroid 3200 Phaethon is responsible for this meteor shower, which is unusual because comets usually create meteor showers with icy debris.

On December 16, Wirtanen will get the closest it will be to Earth in the next two decades: a distance of about 7 million miles.

Best of all, you don't have to hurry to the Science Centre or find someone to loan you a telescope - the meteor shower is visible to the naked eye, but only if the weather cooperates. The Agency has also published a blog post about how you can watch Geminid Meteor Shower 2018 online this year.

In flawless conditions, you will be able to see up to 120 shooting stars an hour.