Facebook bug exposes millions of users photos


The firm apologised for the failure. But this photo API bug may have given those developers access to even more of your images, including ones you've shared on Marketplace, Facebook Stories, and ones you uploaded to the social network but didn't end up posting.

"Currently, we believe this may have affected up to 6.8 million users and up to 1,500 apps built by 876 developers", said Facebook employee Tomer Bar, writing on the Facebook for Developers blog.

Facebook said it will give its users notification about the possible exposure of their private photos, and that it will be working with developers to delete those copies of photos from impacted users. The bug has been fixed and Facebook is alerting people potentially affected.

Earlier this year, it emerged that President Trump's data consultancy, Cambridge Analytica, harvested information from up to 87 million Facebook users. Facebook did not share how they came up with the number of affected users, or what apps may have been affected.

Facebook has apologised for its privacy breach.

The bug isn't as damning as some of its other scandals but it's not exactly a good look, either.

Facebook will notify users of
Facebook will notify users of

Facebook has disclosed another security mess-up that affected millions of its users - something that has become a routine for the social networking giant.

Since this Facebook bug granted private photo access to third-party apps, those apps could then download and save the photos - potentially exposing them to the world at large.

A Facebook representative said the bug was global, and it does not yet know which developers got more photos than they should have. And in August, Facebook said an app called myPersonality had improperly shared personal data from 4 million users with researchers and other third parties. "We've seen a consistent line of apology tours from Mark Zuckerberg, but we haven't seen clear steps to comply with GDPR, we haven't seen clear improvement in action and we haven't seen changes in culture".

Some 1,500 third-party apps were inadvertently granted a higher level of access than they really should have had.

A Facebook spokesperson said it took a while to determine if the latest breach was something the company was required to report.

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